Building digital and physical spaces for artists to flourish

4 min readDec 18, 2021
Art is all about community


  1. tagge.nft- vision
  2. About our NFT experiment
  3. Why Crypto/Web3
  4. Blending the Meta and the Real
  5. Coming soon- our 1st NFT collection

tagge.nft- vision

Our dream is to build physical and digital spaces for artists to create, perform, showcase and flourish. We build unique economies for artists through NFT markets. By blending art galleries and studio spaces with NFT markets, social media, and crypto-powered VR digital galleries, we believe artists can generate greater impact with their community. This opportunity is especially exiting for dancers and performers who have never had the chance to open a “gallery” and hang their work on a wall for sale. NFT markets can allow dancers/performers this chance. We hope this dream can foster more financial opportunity and social reach for artists.

tagge.nft- how our experiment will work

Over the next few months, we will be experimenting on our vision with artists and content-creators using a simple strategy:

  • Artist creates a collection
  • We capture that work and its process with @tagge.edit
  • We build an NFT collection of the work
  • NFTs of the work include various “access tokens” to behind-the-scenes, bonus content, tickets to physical events/showcases and ownership of physical art (prints, originals, etc.)
  • 70% of NFT revenue goes to artists, 30% goes back to the tagge.nft project (building physical and digital spaces)
  • Repeat.

tagge.nft- an experiment on blended realities

The digital space is immense and is about to grow infinitely. Crypto technology powered by the blockchain is fostering a near-inevitable future for the internet- an upgrade to “Web3”. Web3 is a term evangelists are using to describe a “decentralized” internet- where large tech companies no longer control and own your data. If {bigTechCompany} disappears or breaks, so too does your stuff. A decentralized internet allows you to possess and OWN your digital data like never before.

from https://www.mach37.com/new-blog/web3
from https://www.mach37.com/new-blog/web3

With Web3, we believe artists and content-creators can transform their art into blended-mediums, into blended-realities. Weaving their art, in and out of digital and physical spaces, allows artists to generate greater impact and connection with their fans. This is what fans crave, they want to feel immersed in their favorite artist’s creative process, they don’t just want to see the painting, they now want to EXPERIENCE the painting, from its advent to its hanging on the wall.

How can artists blend the meta and the real?

Enter NFTs- Non-fungible tokens. Without getting technical, NFTs are a way for artists to foster digital ownership of their work. Before, with Web2 and social media, a digital image was just a JPEG, a video just an MP4, a thumbnail on Instagram, or a moving image on youtube. Social Media is and has been a way to SHARE your work, but not an easy way to OWN your work- nor a way to sell ownership of it. Social media is the place where too much artwork (content) goes to die.

Think of NFTs as “tokens to play”- access tokens to experiences, events, communities, and physical ownership of your work. If you’re a painter or sculptor, minting NFTs featuring your physical pieces allows your work to exist both physically and digitally. If you sell that work, you sell the NFT and vice versa. But it doesn’t stop there! Selling NFTs representing your work gives your fans the chance to gain unique access to you- to behind-the-scenes content, events you throw, showcases, galleries, upcoming work, commissions, etc.!

Dancers and performers have never been able to be featured on a gallery wall like painters! With NFTs, dancers and performers can now make their own galleries, selling their art-concepts through the marriage of performance with photography and film. Imagine selling NFTs of your performance-art- granting patrons access to your films but also your live performances.

Coming soon- Our 1st NFT collection

Our first NFT collection, “The Rose Queen”, will sell NFTs for full access to the “Rose Queen” 3D gallery, a free print, and a ticket to the grand opening of the Burnswood Studio in SLC, UT. 70% of revenue will go to our model, the Rose Queen, and 30% will go towards our dream. Our queen will also receive any resale royalties. If you’re still reading this, then you’re getting a sneak peak! We will also be doing an NFT giveaway for artists, granting them an NFT that gives them access to a free photo/video shoot with tagge.edit.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey. Right now it’s an experiment, someday it might be so much more!

-tagge.nft team




Building physical and digital spaces for artists to flourish.